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The Mystery Blanket is one of the knitting world’s greatest treasures and pleasures. I do not know where I would be without it. I have learnt so much and made so many new friends..
Mary Leeson, Loughborough, UK

I have been a member of Debbie’s Mystery Clubs since Year 2 and have loved every one for different reasons, whether it’s the colours, the design or learning new stitches. My knitting skills have improved way beyond any expectation and now people come to me for advice!
Jenece, New South Wales, Australia

“Be it a blanket or cushion the fun begins here,
As yummy yarns and sparkly beads arrive during the year,
With exciting patterns, new techniques and skills we have learned
These Mystery Clubs we cannot resist so sign up year after year.
Rosemary and Jackie (Two Mystery Club Addicts), Northamptonshire, UK

Having recently completed my 5th Mystery Blanket, my only regret is that I didn’t know about Debbie’s Mystery Blanket Club when it began in 2008!!! Being part of this club is fantastic. Chatting with people all over the world is an experience in itself!

Each year is exciting – creative designs, wonderful, varied patterns and great colours. I’ve been knitting for many years, but continue to learn new techniques every year. The variety of yarns and beads make each project so unique. Each Mystery Blanket is a ‘work of art’.

I’m signed up for 2014 and look forward to the next creative adventure! It’s exciting participating in these Clubs with members around the globe.

Happy Knitting!
Maggie Fallon, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

I’ve been a member from the start and each year I tell everyone “I think this one is going to be my favourite”. The Blanket Club has helped me learn new skills and has made me use techniques and colours that I had studiously avoided over a knitting lifetime. I love the element of mystery and surprise, and appreciate the high quality yarns and beads, the clear instructions and the enthusiastic support from Debbie. I can definitely recommend the club to anyone who is happy with surprises and the occasional challenge. It’s fun.
Pat Blain, Newcastle, UK