About Debbie Abrahams


Debbie Abrahams has been passionate about hand-knitting ever since she first picked up a pair of knitting needles at the tender age of six. With both her parents and two sisters being artistically trained, it was inevitable that Debbie would pursue a career in design.

Firmly focused on hand-knitting, she applied directly from school to Nottingham Trent University to do a BA (Hons) degree in Knitwear Design. Soon after graduating, her association with Rowan began and she has worked for them as a freelance consultant for the past seventeen years whilst gradually establishing her own hand-knitting business.

“For me, knitting has endless possibilities, especially when you start combining colour with stitch structure and embellishment”

Debbie chose to focus on designing accessories, and for her this is the perfect vehicle to explore what she loves most about the craft: “For me, knitting has endless possibilities, especially when you start combining colour with stitch structure and embellishment. Knitting with beads is something that I really love and with my husband running the Debbie Abrahams Beads business, it is tempting for me to put a bit of sparkle into everything that I knit!” Debbie’s inspiration comes mainly from graphical sources and she has a vast collection of visuals to motivate her including greeting cards, ceramics and fabrics.

She is the author of six books which she supports through an intensive programme of workshops, visiting knitting shops and groups across the UK and America. Keen to share her expertise with fellow knitters, this is something that Debbie thrives on and believes is one of the main reasons behind her success:

“To meet the people who are buying my books and knitting up my designs is so important to me, workshops give me this opportunity. Without their continued support I would not be enjoying the success that I am.”

In more recent years, Debbie’s Mystery Blanket Club has become a major part of her business and it has captured the imagination of knitters all over the world. She designs a unique blanket every year and knitters sign up to join the Club for ten months. The theme is kept a secret throughout and is only revealed as the blanket starts to take shape. Debbie has expanded this idea to include an annual Mystery Cushion Club with a project designed exclusively for members only.