A French Romance MBC 2016: Member Gallery!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post of 2017! Things have been extremely busy here in Nottingham, with the design studio bursting with new ideas for various projects, and my postal teams around the country working hard to get the first parcels out for this year’s Mystery Blanket Club. Over the past few months, many of you have sent me photos of your beautifully completed Mystery Blankets, so at long last here is the Member Gallery which showcases all of your lovely work…ENJOY!

Sally HartSALLY HART: “Doing a happy dance!!! Finished and just love it!!!”

Suzanne MillerSUZANNE MILLER: “Here’s my version. I wanted to knit most of the patterns, so it is neither Option One or Option Two, but a mixture. It’s been fun, thank you.”

SHIRL ESSEX: “Missed some of the embroidery on the grey squares because it is the perfect match to the walls in the room it will live in and I wanted the grey to shine through!”

Angela White 2 Angela White 3 Angela White 4ANGELA WHITE: “This blanket holds a very special place in my heart and my mind as, for the last few months I have been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and the knitting of this blanket provided me with my only escape from the flash-back memories.   Many an early morning has been spent  knitting away at this due to the disturbed sleep pattern which accompanies PTSD.  Its beautiful pastel shades has been the perfect contrast with which to conter-act my darker times.  The whole experience of knitting this blanket has been a real saviour for me.  I will be giving this blanket to my Mum as it has so many special memories and she’s the most special person to me so it just feels a fitting thing to do.  In many ways I didn’t want this blanket to end but it is so beautiful and I know it’s going to be so appreciated.”

June McBainJUNE MCBAIN: “My 2016 blanket is finished! A photo is attached. I loved knitting it and thank you very much for designing it.”

Carole PashleyCAROLE PERRY: “Here is a picture of my finished blanket! Very pleased! I did version 1 with modification of beading to the hearts squares using some beads left over from last years bead club!!”

Maria Wilkinson 3 Maria Wilkinson Marie WilkinsonMARIA WILKINSON: “I’m delighted to say I’ve finished the blanket. It’s been an amazing journey which has at times tested my patience, especially square 12 ‘A La Mode’, with its cable, bobbles and beads which I must have unpicked and reknitted nine times to get it right!
I’m delighted with the finish. As you can see I adapted the colours in the border as I was wanting something a little brighter but also to put my individual stamp on the blanket. All in all its been a wonderful experience and I’ve achieved what I set out to by starting the project: to take my knitting to a new level of challenge and to make something special for me.”

Jane McKeagJANE MCKEAG: “It’s here in Las Vegas!”

Gill IzzardGILL IZZARD: “I have finished my beautiful blanket and am thrilled with the finished product.  I have learned so many skills by knitting this and have thoroughly enjoyed waiting for my patterns each month.”

Maureen GiblingMAUREEN GIBLING: “I’ve just finished the Mystery Blanket and I love it. It was going to be a gift but I don’t think I can bear to give it away just yet��. I did Option 2 but did my own centre square as I really liked the heart patterns in the blanket. “

Pippa Taylor 2 Pippa TaylorPIPPA TAYLOR: “Last year I wrote to you about putting a border around each square. You were encouraging and I’m very happy with the result, which you can see in the attached picture.”

Janet HoldsworthJANET HOLDSWORTH: “I gave this as a wedding present to a friend who is a food photographer who loves France.”

Carole Pashley MCC 2 Carole Pashley MCCCAROLE PERRY: “I particularly like the three needle bind off at the top of the cushion as it gives excellent definition- I would have liked to have done the same for the bottom but couldn’t work out how to make it work though!! “

Thank you for all your wonderful photos! It was a pleasure to see the results of all your hard work, and to read your stories about the Mystery Blanket too! It’s not long now until the next Mystery Blanket Club begins, so don’t forget to keep in touch and send me your photos and stories! Debbie x







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